How To Program Water With Intent

Water is a very unique substance on the psychic level. Being a liquid it can easily take the shape of not only the container it is in, but any mental fields that interact with it as well. At the same time it is dense enough to hold on to psychic information, as long as it is not exposed to high level energy sources.

Why would you want to work with water?

With this technique you will be able to alter water to have almost any effect you can think of. This treated water can aid in healing, energy, happiness, pain relief and mental calmness, depending on what kind of field you place on it. It can also be used to purify other water or resonate to any other state you can impart to it. Once “trained” this water can be used internally or externally and will hold the information field for some time, up to a week or two, without too much degradation.

The information that can be held by water is limitless. Any concept you can generate and hold as a psychic field can be picked up, so the only limiting factors are your own imagination, will and discipline. Be creative and have fun with the process and you will quickly see how very useful these techniques can be.

Getting started

  • Boil or stir the water. This will add energy to the water. It is this energy that will allow the changes to the water to take place. It is most effective to boil the water, because it takes time for the water to cool, and this time can be used to maintain a strong psychic field around the water. You will want to add the field to the cooling water rather than during the heating portion. The energy from the heating (or the stirring or shaking) is too chaotic to allow for good organization. As the water cools or calms, it will naturally form to the field you have generated and then hold the field as the energy dissipates. 
  • Pick your concept. Decide specifically what you wish the water to do. If you wish to use 11754298023_776a303bf2_zit to heal, impart a specific emotion or collect energy, the idea needs to be decided and clearly understood before you begin generating the field. 
  • Generate and hold the field. Place the water in the container it will be in as it calms or cools. Calm your mind and hold the idea you wish to impart to the water. Think of this idea as being part of the liquid itself. Maintain this concept for at least ten to twenty minutes. The longer you try to influence the process the stronger the final effect will be. 
  • Seal the water until used.Try to keep the container from moving too much or getting to hot before use. It is often best to use the water as soon as possible once it is carrying the field you imparted. Certainly plan to use it within the first week for best effect.

A full container with a lid should hold the water stable enough for you to transport the liquid from one place to another. Too much vigorous shaking could cause the field to be scrambled over time, so use care.

Of all the mediums that can carry psychic impressions water is unique. It not only holds the field involved well, it can be taken internally or used on the outside of persons body. Some effects can be used from inside a sealed container, much as a crystal is used, but taking much less initial effort to organize.

By using an external medium you can increase the overall power of your psychokinetic efforts. In this case, the water holds the psychic imprint far more consistently than most people are able to. This allows you to more than double your overall effectiveness. Plus, you can do the work before you need to use it, when you have time, energy and the space to work without pressure. This alone makes the working with water worth while!

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