Psychic Linking

Once you have learned to think utilizing conceptual processes and to clear your mind enough to hear the results, the next step is to understand what goes in to developing a psychic link to the information you seek.

What is a psychic link really? Is it a mystical line of power between you and the information? Is it a closely held resonance with a person or object that requires a physical object? Is it an alien thing that is hard to work with?


A psychic link is, in short, just a way of focusing your subconscious mind on the topic you wish to address. By using specific techniques, which mimic the way we think and remember ordinary information, we can easily find data that we ordinarily would never notice.

Let’s go over some basics about psychic perception first to make this easier to understand.

Psychic Perception

We live in a sea of information. This information does not have the ties to space and time that our physical bodies do. In part (and perhaps even in whole, thought we can’t realize this in a meaningful fashion?) we are also built of information. By noticing a specific set of information, our information “mixes” with it, and, if we are paying close attention, we can notice the slight interference that results from two (or more) fields of information interacting, due to the changes in our own information field.

We do this all the time.

photo-1451156351305-d4f9bff58036Most of the time, we notice things, bits of information, that are important to our personal well being and items of information that we think of on a subconscious level, personal concerns and worries for instance. So for the most part, we naturally tend to pick up information that impacts our safety, comfort, physical, or mental well being. To a lesser extent, because we hold concern for others, we may pick up information about other people that we focus on, as we go through our day, even though this information will not impact us personally in a meaningful fashion.

This is good in many ways, as it helps to keep us from being overwhelmed by useless information and keeps us safe from many kinds of harm, as long as we are paying attention. This is a relatively natural way of interacting with the world and is likely good enough for most individuals, as it will always address their most important concerns.

At times though, we may wish to aid others, that are relative strangers to us, or to find information that has only intellectual interest to us and is not going to be considered important to our subconscious minds.

So we build a link to the information we seek.

Because of the nature of information and the way our subconscious mind works, all we really have to do is focus on the concept of what we are looking for, and the psychic information will be accessed. Once accessed, we have to translate from conceptual thinking, the way the subconscious mind thinks, into a verbal or pictorial format, that our conscious minds can understand and work with.

There are a few tricks that can help you target specific information and form the “links” you need. Your subconscious mind works by association, when remembering information or when accessing outside information. We can use this to aid in building our links!

  • First, you need to define the information you are looking for. This can be any specific topic or piece of information. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for, because trying to handle too large a set of information will tend to either overwhelm you or give you small clips of information, in a disjointed and non-useful fashion.

  • Next, you need to be able to find something to focus on that has a relationship to the subject at hand. For instance, if a person wants to know about their love life in the next six months, you can use the specific search term of “love life in the next six months” develop and hold the concept of this phrase (so your subconscious mind can work with it!) and get a “feel” for the person you are searching this information out for.

This will lead you to the correct information. Interpretation and translation from concept to a useable form take practice, but you will be on target!

Let’s look at a slightly different way of using this technique.

Let’s say “Dan” has a car and we need to know the color.

We can get a sense of Dan pretty much just by thinking of him and feeling the psychic “concept” that comes to mind.

Then, holding this concept, we can develop and hold the concept of “his car”. This will shunt us over to his vehicle in short order.

All we have to do now is focus on the concept of the color and we will be set!

It takes practice

These are simple links, of course, and with practice you will be able to make tens or even hundreds of links in a quick and exacting fashion, not just one or two at a time, as it is a natural process, needing only to be set in motion and guided, not forced into action.

Now that this is understood, we can get into some of the more interesting uses of Psychic Linking!

You don’t have to meet a person, have a picture of them or hold an object they have owned to pick up information about them (same with an object, if it comes up.) all you need is the knowledge that this person exists and some person, object or event associated with them to create a link.

Though it is not very useful, you can even work “blind” and just poke around for information by starting at a random point and linking from one concept to another until you find an interesting topic. (This is a bit like free association in the psychic realm.)

You can even address “topics” and focus in on information that is of interest for you! I have used this technique to find new martial arts and psychic techniques and concepts to very good effect.

By learning to form purposeful links to needed information on command, you will likely increase the utility of your psychic abilities by many times and find it a far more interesting and practical ability for the modern world than it has been traditionally.

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