If You Have Reached the Point of No Return, Read This Article..

If you have been struggling in life and nothing seems to be going your way, this article is for you. Most of us have found ourselves in points in our life where we felt we hit the ground in a bottomless pit. You just feel you can’t fall any farther as you’ve been falling and suffering for so long. You try to change things but quickly go back to your old ways like snapping back a rubber band. Helplessness. Sadness. Fear that you will never get out of this situation and that maybe death is the best option at this point. We have all been there.

It’s time for a reset.

Why is it so hard to change?

Homeostasis. The mind naturally protects itself from change in order to keep itself in a balanced state. This reflects through the ego, maintaining the thought patterns that define you as you are. If you are insecure about your weight, these deep rooted feelings of your weight will continually pop up and when you try to work out, they will pop up even more. Your ego does not want you to change because these thought patterns have built your identity over time into something solid. And this solid thing is the wall in between you and what you want.

This wall can manifest in many different ways. Some of us might be financially unstable and our negative thought patterns in relation to our finances are habitual and will continually keep us in this unstable state. These thought patterns can manifest in irrational spending habits, inability to find financial opportunities, inability to succeed in any business venture or even unable to save any money. Worst of all, is those of us that end up getting ‘bad luck’ and end up attracting countless bills and random financial responsibilities. This ‘wall’ affects your ability to manifest what you want. You are closed in a box of financial ruin and can’t see your way out.

The same goes for other situations such as being depressed all the time and unable to ever find any positive feelings. Years of negative events and negative thought patterns generated from them that would take a life of their own and  begin to repeat on a daily basis end up creating these states of being. They become who we ‘think we are.’

So how do we change?

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, this article is for those that feel stuck. We have over 100 audios in our sapienmed store and they are all tools that one can use to help with their journey. Sometimes, the difficult thing is finding the right combination to help with a certain situation one is in.

This situation is the helpless stage in which nothing is working and you somehow have to work through your misery every single day. These set of fields will work as a reset to clear up your negative thought patterns and bring your energy back to a base state that you can work on changing yourself from.

This is meant to be done in conjunction with whatever else you are doing to fix your current situation but first it is important to start by listening to the first few audios as they will help clear up all the built up junk you have that is like a weight on your energy system. Without doing so, it will be like running up a hill towards transformation while carrying a backpack with 50 pound weights.

1.      Energy clearing audio from dreamseeds. Listen to this audio every day in the morning for the next weeks. Afterwards, you can listen to it periodically. On a weekly basis like on Sunday morning. I say the mornings because if you listen to it after listening to other audios, it can clear those energies as well. This audio will clear up the psychic junk you’ve accumulated over time. It can be from your own thought patterns, the environment or even other people. This energy can become very dense over time and clearing up this energy would literally give you more space to breathe and think and manifest what you desire. Things can finally start working for you after clearing up. 

2.      Exorcism from dreamseeds. The majority of us who are in negative mind states will attract negative entities that will take advantage of our situation and feed off of our negative energy. Now don’t be alarmed, it’s no different than a mosquito biting you and sucking your blood. In this case, these entities feed on negative emotions and it is food to them in the same way blood is food to a mosquito. Negative energy attracts these entities to you like a fish bleeding in the sea so it’s safe to say that you probably have some that feed off you sometimes. Sometimes these entities even manifest problems for you to put you in negative mind states and feed off you more.

Our exorcism audio from dreamseeds will ward off these entities from your vicinity and keep them off you. Listen to that audio 2 times a day for about a week. Even if you are not Christian, the energy from the exorcism chant is very powerful and has centuries of practice behind it. It will work for anyone. When it comes to religions/spiritual systems, certain practices have a lot energy worked into over the years that eventually makes it become very powerful and palpable to the human collective consciousness. This exorcism chant is one of them. And it is also backed by energetic programming to enhance its power.

3.      Subconscious limits clearing from Sapienmed. This is one of the best audios sapienmed has to offer as it will clear the limiting beliefs (in other words, negative thought patterns) over time. Not much needs to be said here as this audio directly works on the issue at hand. The limits our mind impose on us keep us restrained from thinking outside the box. Over time, this audio can help break down the walls and free our mind from such constraints. No more ‘I can never lose weight,’ ‘ I am always going to be poor,’ ‘I’m too dumb to get a good job,’ and now you can finally replace those thoughts with any possibility you desire. With such clarity, your will shall follow. Only disclaimer here is that this will happen over a long period of time. These limitations were created over the years through repetitive thinking patterns so it will take some time to clear them away. Significantly less time but still, it is imperative to listen to this audio daily for the next year or so.

4.      Love, Gratitude and Appreciation from Sapienmed. This audio is very underrated as it works to put us in a mind state of abundance of the self. Abundance of having what you want, being what you want and getting what you want. As mentioned before, we get stuck in these negative mind states because of repetitive thinking patterns. Such thinking patterns perpetuate the innate beliefs that ‘I am not enough,’ ‘I don’t have enough,’ and so forth so you end up always feeling a bit of emptiness. You end up not feeling whole. Now this audio is great to listen to after subconscious limits because it puts you in a mindstate of loving and appreciating what you do have and what you are. When you do this, you are sending signals to your mind and the universe that you already have what you want and need, that you are whole…

So your mind and the universe will follow by attracting more of what you want. Those thoughts such as ‘ I am not good enough’ are also directions for your mind to continue making you feel like you are not good enough. We get what we put out. When you think ‘I am good enough,’ the mind will begin to make you feel like you are good enough. From this state, you can easily build up your character and do so much more.  Now, I know it’s very difficult to just believe in these things but these audios will make this easier over time. 

Something that will also help tremendously is; While listening, think of things that you are grateful for. Grateful you are alive, grateful you have money, grateful you are who you are, ect … Find things you are actually grateful for and then the things you should be grateful for. At first it may be had to make yourself believe these things but over time if you keep with it and you can accomplish anything.

5. Extra audios depending on your situation… If you have experienced trauma throughout your life that you haven’t let go of, you should listen to the trauma release audio on a daily basis for a month. Traumas cause mental blockages that grow and become bigger beasts later in life. These traumatic experiences end up affecting the way we think and feel in our everyday lives. With this audio, you should find yourself less affected mentally by the things you have experienced, the things that weight you down. Listen for at least a month. 

Same with people who have wronged you in life. If you hold on to your hate of such people, that energy will be a blockage that represses your energy flow. Our forgiveness and release audio can release these repressive energies if you listen to this audio for a month daily.  

And finally… and very essential…. the emotional release audio from dreamseeds is a powerful audio that helps release all the stored negative emotional energy stored in the body. Usually the body keeps a sort of memory of things that have happened to it, like say a knife wound, tattoos and even heartbreak. This works to energetically remove the stored negative emotional energy stored throughout your body and heart areas, it also will also help remove the memory of trauma and pain stored in different areas of your body, due abuse/damage etc. So I would recommend listening to this audio for at least a month as well. 

So everyday, work with these audios. Preferably, in the morning and the night. And remember, these audios are only tools to help you on the path. You still need to work hard to push through on your own.  I genuinely believe that all of you can accomplish what you set out to do. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more articles like this one.