An Open Mind is Key To Achieving True Mental Freedom

The Power Of Belief

Many of us have often heard that belief is the catalyst to all manifestations. That if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. That belief in itself is magic. All of this is true. But as we’ve grown older, our ability to believe has been hindered and is very limited. Before we examine why, lets look into what belief is.

Belief is trust, faith or confidence in something being true. It is the acceptance of a certain reality being the true reality for you. If you believe in Christianity, it is your acceptance of this being reality for you. Same goes for any other religion or belief system such as political, philosophical, ext… We also tend to subscribe to personal beliefs such as ‘I believe I am beautiful,’ ‘I believe most people are selfish and cannot be trusted,’  ‘I believe spiders are scary.’ These beliefs frame your perception of reality.

These beliefs are the truths that become apparent everywhere you go. If something bad happens and you believe in god, you might think god is punishing you for this or god has a plan for you.  If you believe all people are deceitful, you may look at the person in the cash register counting your money very wearily. But are you consciously choosing to see things this way or is it just happening automatically?

Your beliefs are the frame of reference for everything you experience; so naturally, your mind will automatically react within the frame of your belief system. You don’t have control over these reactions but they do mostly have control over you. These reactions stem from your subconscious mind, which shape your reality daily in every interaction, situation or thought. Not only does it frame the way you see things but it leads you to make the same kind of decisions or interact with the same kind of people that coordinate with your current beliefs. As mentioned in our previous article, the subconscious mind is in a constant state of homeostasis by keeping things the way they are. So if your subconscious is reflecting your beliefs onto your reality, then couldn’t you change your reality by believing in having the things you want? Yes and no.

Our ability to believe has been hindered by the filters our subconscious has built up over a lifetime of conditioning. We’ve enclosed ourselves in a mental box and thinking outside out of it is always met with resistance. Most of us can’t think of what we don’t have because we so strongly believe we don’t have it. More importantly, we can’t even think in a different perspective because our minds would cringe at the thought and reject the thought rather quickly.

Just imagine in today’s American political climate, a conservative trying to see things from a liberal point of view and vice versa? I can guarantee that most couldn’t even entertain the thought and their minds would quickly jump to feeling ‘this is ridiculous,’ ‘yeah, these people are stupid,’ without fully committing. If you are unable to think from an opposite perspective, your ability to believe is very limited because having an open mind is key to being what I’d like to call a ‘mind programmer.’

Thinking Linear & Thinking Openly

Let’s say that you are driving in your mind’s highway. If you think linearly, meaning your mind is held within the confines of your subconscious filters, you will drive within one narrow lane. From this narrow lane, you can only drive within your own province/state. Now the more open mind is, the more lanes will open for you. You will also get access to express ways, alternate routes and more freedom to traverse the highway. As the mind expands its openness, the lanes will become practically nonexistent and you can travel across the country. Once, the mind is fully open, all are  barriers disappear and you can go anywhere in the world. An open mind is freedom to reach any destination in the mind.


There was a time in our lives when our minds was this open. In our youth, our minds were practically a blank slate which meant there weren’t many filters or anything in its way. Our imaginations were a  wonderland because of this and we could be whatever we wanted to be in our minds. My imaginary friends were as real as my parents were to me as I’m sure they were the same to many of you. Life felt like a fairytale because we could frame reality however we wanted with our imagination. But we did have limits. Lack of knowledge so often we were limited with what we could imagine. Also, we were children and most things were inaccessible to us.

We couldn’t take advantage of our imagination and shape our lives because we were pretty much controlled by our parents. And so over time, our parents, environment and the experiences in between would condition us to become the people we are today. It still boggles me that me and you are the result of experiences with our friends or outside, things our parents would say or do, observations, reactions and that we really didn’t have much control over creating the people we are. So can we start now?

To make your mind more open requires you to remove a lot of the conditioning/filters that are already there. Our subconscious clearing video would certainly help as it will clear a lot of the limiting beliefs that you have. This will certainly open up more lanes of thinking for you but still, the field only removes limiting beliefs.

To gain a completely open mind, one must grow to fully believe in this maxim ‘nothing is true; everything is possible.’ What this means is that truth is subjective. Every single person is living in their own subjective reality according to their beliefs & experiences. In nothing being the one solid truth, everything is possibly true.

So in accepting this, one accepts that anything can be true and so the mind will not have any resistance to any thought or perspective because it is all as possibly true as everything else. This is true openness. What we currently now have are ‘solid truths’ ingrained in our subconscious which naturally resist anything else as being possibly true. Just the fact we can’t even try to believe in anything else without our minds resisting is proof enough that our minds grow these natural walls that block any sort of outside thinking.

With that being said, getting there is no easy task. There are a few methods will help you get into this new mindset.


  1. Learn to listen without prejudice. What this means is to listen by observing what you hear, feel and see objectively. Don’t think about something is, just observe it for what it is. For example, if you are watching the news and they are touching on some very sensitive topics, try to just watch it objectively. Observe how your mind and body reacts to the news. You will notice how it happens automatically. At first it will be difficult to observe these reactions without becoming consciously involved with it but over time, the more you observe, the more you disassociate with the reaction. The more control you gain over mind. Apply this same principle to your ego. Your ego is constantly talking, day and          night. Observe these thoughts objectively. Don’t judge them. Don’t get annoyed.      Just observe and over time you will disassociate more and more. Same with bad things that happen to you or even people who would criticize you. Begin to use such events or criticisms constructively. Stop for a minute and ask yourself, how can I use this to grow and get better instead of reacting in anger or sadness. Everything can be used as a sort of fuel to enhance yourself. What can I learn from this? Or at least learn from your mistakes and push yourself to be a better person than you are.
  1. Practice thinking in an opposite perspective. For example, if you are an Atheist, meditate and then begin believing in Christianity. Read some of the bible and begin to pray. When you do this, you will be met with a lot of resistance by your mind. And even if you don’t notice it, there will be lingering doubt in your mind and you will find it very difficult to actually believe in it. It won’t happen overnight, but this must be done consistently to the point where you DO believe in it. It seems unfathomable but it is possible and when you do, it will almost be like stretching your mind unless you actually end up getting stuck and now you are a full blown Christian. (Keep in mind, I am not saying your personal beliefs are invalid. In the end, these practices will increase your connection to your belief systems in a way that you cannot access now)
  2. If you got through the first part, your mind should be even more malleable to commit to other kinds of beliefs. it could be other belief systems (Buddhism, Communism, ext..) but it would be much better to experiment with personal beliefs. Begin believing the opposite of your current beliefs  such as “I am very beautiful,” or ” I am afraid of butterflies.” You might love the show the office, watch the show again and convince yourself to believe that the show is terrible. Try to commit to such beliefs for a few days at a time. The more you do this, the more lanes you are opening up in your mental highway.
  3. Go deeper into more unorthodox beliefs. This might sound controversial but I’ll explain why in a moment. Believe that Hitler did the right thing to the Jews. Believe that Global Warming is good and humans deserve to die. There are many other very negative beliefs out there that I’d rather not say but I’m sure you can think of them. (If you already think negatively like that, then this is your turn to think the complete opposite). These are thoughts met with very strong resistance so to fully believe them will take a lot of out of you but if you can do so, it will open up your mind even more. Why? Duality. These are the far stretches of your morality which are ingrained in your mind. Remember, nothing is true; everything is possible also means that such things can possibly be true as well. We cannot deny anything to be possibly true or we will still have walls in our mind.                                  Regardless, duality is a human limitation. Negativity/Positivity are equal and in essence these exercises are training the mind to think non-dual. Non-dual thinking is to be able to think freely in any and every way possible. It is true freedom in every sense of the word.



Practice 2-4 as much as you can over a long period of time. These are mental exercises you can do while driving your car or even watching a television show. You are training your mind to think in different ways at all times and getting it out of its automatic programming. The first exercise is one that you should always do. It is mindfulness and mastering it is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself as it will always keep your mind balanced.

I know that these exercises seem rather odd but they are powerful exercises that will expand your mind. Being able to believe in anything is like being able to open command prompt in a computer and program it to do what you desire. It also represents a true sense of freedom as you will be able to experience life in any way possible. Life will open itself up to you in ways you couldn’t even currently imagine.

3 thoughts on “An Open Mind is Key To Achieving True Mental Freedom

  1. Kali says:

    Iv seen it written in so many places, “be open minded” but I have never seen such a clear explanation of it in my life. I’m inclined to always seek the Truth and because of this impulse I tend to investigate issues from as many angles as I can muster in my head.

    Its nice and necessary, but when I’m out among people for a long time I get absolutely tired, and its mostly because of this mechanism, always questioning my base impulses, being aware of terrible judgmental beliefs in my subconscious, being angry at myself for reacting in a way that I later realize was wrong. At the end of such a day I have discussed with myself to the point of exhaustion and I don’t want to believe or have an opinion about anything anymore, this usually makes me gravitate toward meditation again because there at least I can be free from the eternal games of the mind, and make no mistake it is definitely eternal.

    Its one of the reasons that wise sages have said that Truth cannot be found within the rational thinking process, you can rationalize anything you want given the right frame of mind (as you say). I discovered this when I was 16 years old and hallucinating on magic mushrooms in my dark room, I wanted to find the Truth and I had heard that magic mushrooms could provide insight, so when I was on them the only thing that happened to me was that for 6 hours I was at war with every thought and impulse within me, I was trying to figure out which thoughts were correct and which weren’t, but as I shifted my frame to defend this or that thought I could always make arguments for any thought I had.

    This was a painful realization because I was looking for Truth and suddenly here I am trying to grasp at it and it constantly evading my grasp, then I told myself “there is no Truth”, I felt that life was pure chaos, nothing was ordered, everything was both true and untrue and the mind of the conscious being that had instantiated life was no different from that of a psychotic patient in a mental hospital. I was crying and in despair, I was in Hell, it felt like i was dead, I didn’t care about my future, I laughed at the thought of once having confidently spoken like I knew what I was talking about. I realized I knew nothing.

    Then I started to pray, the only way out that I saw was through the idea of a beneficent God. I said to myself, I am looking for goodness and I am created by something higher than me, so if this being has created me and I am looking for goodness it must mean that the being which created me is also good, and perhaps I am just confused. If this being is the creator it means that I can talk to it right now and it will listen. This made me pray to God from the deepest part of my being, like I was in Hell crying for help.

    I said “if you can hear me, and you are good then you cannot let me suffer here, you must help me, and if you do not help me then you cannot exist, and if you can’t exist then I shall accept Hell.”

    I started feeling sick to my stomach, I was sitting at the edge of my bed contemplating running to the toilet or trying to maintain my cool and control myself. Suddenly it all came out, a grey goo of pulverized Mexican Cubensis poured out on the ground. My parents were sleeping in the room next to me and I was afraid to wake them up while I was cleaning but I started anyway. I went to the toilet for paper and back a few times until it was sufficiently cleaned up, I was surprised at the fact that my parents weren’t woken up, especially because my father is a light sleeper and wakes up at the slightest abnormality. I told myself that perhaps the universe had reserved this time for me to experience without interruption, at least thats how it felt to me.

    I opened the bedroom window and a fresh gust of air came into my nose, then I realized my mind was dead silent, no thoughts, I just perceived the sounds of my environment, the sound of the wind, the trees, I felt at peace, I sat down upright on my cushion and sat with crossed legs simply enjoying this moment, there was no Hell anymore, all the thoughts that made me suffer were gone and replaced with silence. It felt as though all life was perfect, as though there was nothing to fear even as though death didn’t exist, and neither did birth. I thought of a way to describe it if I had to convey it to anyone else, the only thing that most clearly described it was Isness, it just IS.

    I felt so happy, so blessed to be alive. This experience faded and my normal thought processes started reasserting themselves, later the experience prompted me to Google: “how to silence the mind” and the result came up with Buddhist links, I hadn’t learned about Buddhism yet and so I started reading the classical texts as well as the commentaries, that’s when I understood that Buddhism was based on this experience that I had, they knew exactly what it was and I was amazed that it was known for thousands of years. They even had a practice to achieve this, meditation of course.

    My life goal is to go back to that place and I’m sure that I can, its just that Maya is tugging at me, and I don’t maintain a disciplined practice that such blessedness requires of its seekers. Iv been back there one time through my own effort in which I meditated multiple hours a day for 3 months, during the day I would have a breath mantra for the in and out breath and at home I would sit in vipasjana meditation, simple silence.

    Whoever wrote this has wisdom.

  2. Neel says:

    I am really happy to find this website and i am looking forward to get rid of Epilepsy due to Negative Entities.
    Can you help me out.

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