The Key Ingredient to Success with Fields

Morphic fields are programmed energy that direct your being to behave in a certain way. In our youtube channel and store section of this site, we sell audios and items embedded with these morphic fields that make transformative changes in your being. Although some of the fields simply require you to listen or carry them on a daily basis, there are several whose effects are dramatically improved if you take ACTION.

Many of us who try to do things like lose weight, find a significant other or meditate get easily discouraged when we fail at it a few times. Truth is that failure is a part of success and we are bound to fail at something until we start succeeding at it. But the good news is that if you carry fields like glory when trying to achieve your goal, fast metabolism field when exercising or the matchmaker field when going out to social gatherings, you will find much more success in your efforts! Less effort for more results. 

These fields offer a shortcut to the destination you wish you reach. But it doesn’t teleport you there so you still have to make the effort to get to the destination. If you have gambling luck and don’t gamble… then what do you expect to happen! If you have glory field and you aren’t working towards your goal then what are you waiting for? For success to randomly fall into your lap? Your universe will work for you if you work with it. Go out there and take action and watch how the universe synchronizes with your actions to get you what you want.

But I must say, that fields take a different amount of time to assimilate with everyone’s aura and pass through any subconscious resistance. Our subconscious minds are initially resistant to change but constant repetition of certain information would break through any resistance. And as the fields continually emit the new information into your energy field, the information will take shape in your energy field and make the changes you seek. Also, in certain fields like best path in life or glory, the energies in the field work to restructure your life and get you on a certain path so that takes time. 

Below you will find general advice on some of the Advanced Fields and how to make the best of them. If the field you have is not listed, it is because there really isn’t any advice needed for the field. You just have to carry it on you. 

General Advice:

–  If you wear more than 4 items at a time, you might find the energy overwhelming and it would take your body a longer time to adjust to the fields and carry out the changes. Once your body adjusts to the fields though, they will work at their full capacity. 

– You could also wear different fields throughout the day for hours at a time. Think of it as listening to certain audios at different times during the day but instead, you are carrying certain items with you at different times during the day. 


–  You don’t have to feel the fields for them to work for you. Many people report feeling sensations from carrying the fields but only because you don’t, doesn’t mean it isn’t working for you. The majority of us are not energy sensitive and cannot sense subtle energies yet we are affected by subtle energies all the time.

Ever go into a room where some dramatic/negative just happened and you can just feel the negative energy in the air? That’s an example of you being affected by subtle energy! Sensing energy is something you can develop over time through practice (will make an article for this) or by carrying the IPF field on you. But if you really want to feel it and integrate with the field more powerfully…

–  Meditate with the imbued item! Meditating with your fields engorges your energy field with energy and makes the field integrate with your being much more quickly. For faster and more noticeable results with fields, I highly recommend you meditate with your items. Even if you are not well experienced with meditation, you can simply listen to the alpha brainwave state audio field (you can download for free on this site if you subscribe) and hold the item on your hand.

– Our subconscious limits dissolver video helps rid your mind of subconscious resistance. If you listen to it every day as you carry your items, you may notice faster effects.

Keep in mind that our fields take a different amount of time to 

–  If you have a capsule, attach it to your keys! It will be so much harder to lose if you have it attached to your keys. If you have your field embedded on a necklace or ring, then that is awesome as well because those items are more difficult to lose.

Advanced Fields Advice

Advanced Healing– Do not wear this all the time. It will drain your energy if you do. Just half an hour to an hour at a time. 

Chakra Accelerator – Do not wear this item all the time either. It is a powerful item and like muscles, your chakras need rest. It can also drain you out like Advanced Healing does so I suggest wearing it an hour or two at a time. You can work your way up to wearing it for much longer periods of time as well. But I highly recommend you wear it for an hour or two at a time at first just as you would lift light weights before moving onto heavy weights. 

I also recommend you meditate with this item as well because it will lead to some powerful spiritual experiences and truly evolve your state of being.

IPF – The improve psychic functioning field builds a psychic foundation in your brain that will allow you to psychically perceive things on a whole other level. Conceptual bridging allows you to communicate with your subconscious and understand what it is telling you. In this way, you can more easily catch on to what your higher intuition is telling you. Entities communicate conceptually as well and you will be able to communicate with them too. `

But with this field, abilities will develop more if you commit to daily practice. The physical restructuring of the brain to psychically perceive, conceptual bridging and being able to recognize the psychic moment will allow you to more easily use your mind to practice psychic abilities. 

As I said before, these fields will make your efforts pay off because what you do will actually work and encourage you to keep practicing. I highly recommend you read this article and learn how to conceptually communicate. Conceptual communication will allow you to perceive, understand and influence energy. With the ability to do this, you can communicate directly to your subconscious mind, with entities, manipulate energy and even create fields of your own.

 If you want to gain a whole host of abilities, read initiation into hermetics. If you want to gain energy sensitivity and ability to manipulate energy, read Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways. If you commit to any these exercises, you will get the results you seek.   There are so many more, you can look them up and begin practicing. You can also ask me and I’ll gladly refer you to a good book with legitimate practices. 

Lucid Dreaming– Place this item under your pillow when you sleep. No reason to have it on you during the day. I still HIGHLY recommend you follow the directions on this LINK as they will ensure you get the best results with this field. The shortcut still works as well.. wake up at 4 am and go back to sleep and you are guaranteed to become conscious in your dream. 

Schumann Resonance – This field is a quite powerful and it comes with countless spiritual benefits. It will balance your energy and induce a good mood so as long as you wear it. Its one of our most spiritual fields and will get you more in touch with your higher self as well.  If you wear it with other fields, it will also enhance their power because the field increases subconscious receptivity. 

Memory Enhancement – Although the field will improve your memory on its own, it is still good to enhance its effectiveness by doing certain things like read books or perform memory exercises. You would also notice how much better your memory is getting.

APE– If you wear this item while exercising, push yourself harder than you usually would and you will be surprised by how much more stamina and strength you have. APE allows you to push farther and reach beyond your current physical potential.

Matchmaker– If you want to find someone special, you are not going to find them by sitting in your house and doing nothing. Go out to social gatherings with the matchmaker field on you! Put yourself on dating websites and be honest about yourself. At the end of the day, you want to find somebody who is like you and would have great chemistry with you. That is what this field will attract to you.

Something else you can do is go to meetup.com and go to a singles  meetup or meetup related to an interest of yours. This is a great way to meet new people and with the matchmaker field on, you will more than likely end up finding someone right for you.

Glory– If you have a goal… pursue it to the fullest! Go for it in every way you know possible. There a plenty of guides online that teach you how to achieve your goal and just follow the one you feel most comfortable with. As I said before, the universe will work in your favor if you work with it. Glory will force opportunities upon you that if you take, will get you one step closer to your goal. So act and in full confidence that you will achieve what you are setting out to do.

You must remember though that Glory does not grant you skill. It will grant you recognition and all the opportunities necessary to moving up the ranks in your field (sport, acting, business). 

Best Path in Life- Go with the flow. If negative things happen, they will likely lead to much better things in life. This field restructures your life to get you onto the right path and it will happen throughout random coincidences and so forth. Just trust the flow of life, don’t overthink things and say yes to the opportunities that come your way.

If you say no to a random invite to a social gathering you don’t feel like going to, you might have missed on an opportunity that would have led you closer to the right path in life. The workings of the field can be quite subtle and you may miss on some opportunities to progress if you don’t take action. And don’t worry, opportunities and transformative events will always happen as long as you have the field. It will always work towards getting you on the right path!

Intercession– Intercession is quite simple to use. Your subconscious takes care of the work for you. Wherever you need help in your help, it will call on certain entities that can help you with those problems. You can also hold onto the item and say what you need help with.

Pain Control- Since this field is set to react to the presence of any human energy field, it will trigger the second you put it on, often with a slight feeling of numbness in the local area that the item is placed on, then spread through the full body over the course of about five minutes. 

If you are experiencing acute pain, just place the object on (or very near) the site of the pain for immediate relief!

Gambling Luck– Go gambling! This item allows you to psychically influence the outcome so when gambling, believe that you will get the result you want and the odds of your result happen will very much increase. Gambling in general takes a lot of luck and this field brings that special luck to the table. Its also good not to overthink with this field and simply play with the confidence that you will win. Yes, you might lose in a few turns but sometimes those losses lead to big wins. So keep playing and just know you will end up winning in the long run. But don’t get too cocky and do outrageous things now! The field does not prevent you from making dumb decisions!

Meditation- The way you go into a deeper brainwave state with this field is by meditating with it and focusing on a part of your brain and intending to go to a deeper state. Say for instance, you want to enter the alpha brainwave state, you imagine a part of your brain as the alpha brainwave state and then focus on that part of your brain as you meditate. If you want to go to the theta brainwave state, you would imagine a deeper part of your brain than alpha and focus on that part while meditating. The part of the brain does not matter as much as the intention to reach that state and focusing on it does. 

All the other fields are pretty self explanatory and will work just fine if just carry them on you. We have some exciting fields and projects coming up soon. We are working on something to cure social anxiety and will be releasing a new spiritual tool that will take your growth to a whole other level. And if you guys ever have any other questions regarding fields, feel free to ask in the contact form below.

8 thoughts on “The Key Ingredient to Success with Fields

  1. janosch says:

    so the fields that one should put only for some hours are defenitly not recomandet for traveling… (hitchiking/backpacker) how far away they have to be to not be activ?

    • Samuel G says:

      10-15 feet away. If they are on your backpack, they would affect you the same since they are still within your aura. This is only for chakra accelerator and advanced healing. And after using chakra accelerator for some time, you can carry it for a bit more than just a few hours.

  2. jobzzet says:

    Welp, that explain why I feel so drained after wearing the chakra acclerator field for 24 hours on the first day I receive it

    • Samuel G says:

      Fields like best path and glory simply require you to carry them around. Depending on where you are in life, the best path field may take longer to restructure where you are right now to get you to the right path in your life. This means that some negative things might happen along the way but these negative things will actually turn out to be exactly what you needed at that moment.

      My best advice to you is to remain positive of the path you are headed in life and remain aware of the opportunities and subtle changes that occur. Opportunities will show up and you should always take them because they will lead you to the path in life that would make you most happy. You should be somewhat like Jim Carrey from the movie “Yes Man,” where he says yes to everything and all these things lead to greater opportunities and changes in his life. But obviously, you should not say yes to literally EVERYTHING like he did in the movie lol.

  3. Anne Onim says:

    So in your youtube videos, you have fields
    do the fields in these videos get transmitted through sound or through wifi?

    If it’s transmitted through wifi, it would explain why the fields don’t work when we download the vids.
    But then we’re supposed to actually listen to the audios and not just playing them, so the fields are transmitted trough sound?

    Or are the fields transmitted through a metaphysical channel? but then wouldn’t I get the effects of those field without playing the vids?

    • Samuel G says:

      They get transmitted through audio. They generally don’t work because when downloaded, the file gets converted and the original frequency gets messed with. It still works for some people when they do but has been said not to work for others. You can try yourself.

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