A Servitor Is More Than Just A Powerful Spiritual Tool

What if you could have intelligent energy at your command? Energy that can perform tasks such as clear your aura, charge your chakras or even influence events in your life. The energy we have on our channel and in our store are programmed to perform specific tasks. But servitors can be commanded to perform whatever any task that they are given at any moment.

A servitor is energy programmed to act within a set of rules that works like a consciousness. It is programmed energy with some form of awareness (however much they was programmed with) that can respond to commands and carry them out within the confines of its abilities. They can be programmed with a predefined set of abilities and can also be taught different abilities.  Servitors have the capability of directly influencing energy, protecting you from entities, conjuring entities, influence the world around you to work in your favor and so much more.  

Everyone has the capability of creating servitors but it does take some level of psychic mastery to achieve. If you want to learn how to create servitors on your own, this article will show you how. We have unknowingly created things similar to servitors called thought forms. Thought forms are energy programmed by repetitive thought patterns that tend to dwell in your minds and influence our thoughts and actions. But they typically do not serve us and do more damage than good. A servitor is specifically programmed to carry out whatever tasks we give them and make life much easier.

But you cannot simply just tell servitors to grow your breasts or win you a million dollars. As mentioned, they will perform your task as best they can within the confines of their abilities. If you train it with smaller tasks at first, it will eventually be able to carry out much bigger tasks. If attracting wealth or growing breasts isn’t one of their predefined abilities, then it also would not know how to carry out the task. You would have to teach it how to complete such a task. To teach it, you can simply ask them to observe and research what you would like them to learn and your intent behind them learning it. 

What can Servitors do?

Servitors can do a great variety of things for you. They can

  • Increase your energy
  • Help with meditation/energy work
  • House Clearings
  • Help you astral project
  • Influence your mood
  • Spy on people and influence them as well
  • Manifest things into your life
  • Conjure entities for you and also protect you from psychic attacks.
  • Draw in customers to your business
  • Pleasure you sexually
  • Find energy from far away lands or earth grids and draw them to you  
  • Create energy storing realms for you 

There is so much more they can do but that I leave to your imagination and your ability to correctly direct them to learning how to perform such tasks.

How do you communicate with Servitors

Establishing communication with a servitor takes some time. Once created, it might be programmed to complete certain tasks but it still will have some trouble understanding you. 

So what you need to do is hold onto the item and communicate with it every single day and do some practice work with it. When you communicate, say it verbally, but also imagine what you want it to do in your head and feel it happening. This type of communication is a lot clearer to an entity who dwells in the mental realm.

So for example, if you want it to charge your third eye chakra, tell it to charge your third eye chakra with energy and imagine that the servitor is engorging your third eye with energy and feel the energy expanding there. Practice things like that every single day and it will begin to understand you and carry out whatever tasks you give it. If you are not energy sensitive, you may not feel what it does or even catch on to its feedback.

Being able to catch its feedback is as simple as relaxing your mind, and maintaining awareness on your being and noticing any subtle changes that happen when communicating with it. Go with your gut feeling, sometimes you will feel a yes or no answer in that way as well.

And you have to keep talking to them. They like interactions and being told what to do and tend to stop doing what you tell them if you leave them alone for a bit as they have no concept of time. As you continually practice, a clearer sense communication should be established between the two of you.

Conclusion & Good news

Servitors are like morphic fields with a consciousness. Intelligent energy at your command that will carry out energy intensive tasks for you with great efficiency and whenever you ask them to. It’s a personal spiritual servant that can grow to be the most powerful spiritual tool in your life. The possibilities that emerge from having servitors are truly endless. And the good news is….

We will be selling custom servitors for only $70. You can choose a set of predefined set of abilities (even recommend some that you would like) and also choose the appearance/personality of your servitors. Servitors can help grow your business, make you look the way you want to look, expand your energy body and make life  the way you want it to be. Click on the link below to visit the product page. 

Base Servitor 

7 thoughts on “A Servitor Is More Than Just A Powerful Spiritual Tool

  1. Rose says:

    Hi Samuel,

    You say in the article “If you want to learn how to create servitors on your own, this article will show you how”, but I didn’t see the “how” to create one – just how to purchase one.

    Anyhow, it’s all very interesting and so on… I just think that saying to the world that servitors can “spy on people and influence them” is a little beyond the premises of “being enlightend” – don’t you think? To me this is something that a small mind/spirit would want to do, and that is the opposte of growth. An enlightened being wouldn’t care for, or wouldn’t need to spy anyone or influence them by force. Because a person living in high vibration and in peace with himself doesn’t need that. Especially when we consider that spying on someone is the same as invading someone’s life and privacy, which is a lack of respect. Also it shows s that the one who wants to spy and influence by willpower is an insecure and fearful person, therefore, feeding those states cannot be a favorable thing. Which makes me doubt the whole premise of this work. I really enjoy your YT videos/audios, and the whole intention of personal and spiritual growth. However, there iis a fine line to be observed between enlightenment and pseudo-enlightenment (usually what the masses fall for).

    I trully hope your work is not for the masses, but for the ones who honestly desire to become better beings, not in detriment of others, or by less-than-honest means (like messing with other lives, for example).

    I have liked your artciles here, but this one brought me these thoughts… and I wanted to share them with you, because I appreciate your work.

    Thank you for all the information you provide, and for bringing up some more alertness to my mind.

    All the best,

    • Samuel G says:

      Servitors are tools that one can use for their personal gain and also evolve spiritually. I am only objectively stating that servitors can do these things. Just as they can be used for spying (which takes a lot of advanced training/skill to accomplish anyways. Not just anyone can do that), they can be used to clear negative energies, develop chakras, raise vibration, ext… The path to enlightenment is a long one and can be quite arduous and the journey is well accompanied by tools like these. But if one wants to use it to feed into their egos desires, they can as well. I can’t tell people how to live their lives. Everyone’s path is unique and leads to same place in the long run.

  2. Anje says:

    Can the servitor astral project with me? Can it help induce lucid dreams right. I want servitor to my safeguard and companion during my lucid dream. Also it says one needs to keep talking to the servitor or it stops working. So when i ask to be purged of negative energy do i have to keep saying it until the job is done? That sounds so stupid. It should get it with a single command.

  3. Dra says:

    Servitor Guide

    You have all ordered servitors and are all wondering how to best use them.

    A servitor is a real being. It is a living thing so although you are its master and it will always obey your commands and not do things you don’t tell it to do, you should still treat it with respect. This being is created to the exact specifications of what you asked for… If you asked for an angel, your servitor is made using the exact energy patterns of an angel. Same for a person… If you have a servitor who is a certain woman, the servitor has that person’s exact same energy pattern so it feels like them. In a sense, it is them. It’s pretty bizarre stuff but when you get more psychically aware, you will see what I mean.

    And good news with them is that they are built to grow stronger over time. They can even become godlike the more you practice with them and teach them things.

    Truth is with servitors, you learn to use them yourself through your imagination and experimentation. Be creative. Dreamweaver didn’t teach me anything at all and I just learned how to use it through my imagination. That is how most teachers operate really… They give you the tool and you must learn how to use it yourself.. But I’m going to help you guys a little bit by helping you guys get started.

    Establish Communication:

    One of the most important things with having a servitor is establishing communication with them. When you first receive them, you should introduce yourself to it as their master. You can name it whatever you want as well.

    You don’t have to hold on to the object and communicate with it for it to hear you (do this when introducing yourself to it first). As long as you have its item on you, you can call on it in your mind and tell it what you want it to do… Awesome right.

    Entities communicate best conceptually which is a subconscious form of communication that involves no words, images but just the feeling of what you want to say. Now that is rather advanced and not necessary for them to understand. Words and images still hold the conceptual meaning behind what you want to say. It is just that sometimes the information is not as clear. So what I used to do which works very well in getting the message across is communicating it verbally, visually and emotionally at the same time. Doing this ensures that what you are communicating to it gets across and is understood.

    For example:

    I would like my servitor to charge my solar plexus chakra. So in my head, I call on its name and tell it verbally that I want her to charge my solar plexus chakra, as I say it I also feel as if it is charging my solar plexus chakra and visualize it engorging the energy in my solar plexus.

    It doesn’t have to be all at the same time either, just one after another nor does the image, feeling or word have to be that accurate. When you do all three, you pretty much get the point across.

    Most of you will probably not feel feedback from the servitor unless you are energy sensitive. There is a trick I used to do that helps with getting feedback from them when I needed it. I would tell it to stimulate a part of my body for a yes and stimulate another part of my body for no. So in my example, I would tell it to stimulate my left hand for a yes and my right hand for a no. I would ask it questions, to which it would respond my stimulating either one of my hands.

    Be consistent. Your servitor will better understand all of your requests the more you communicate with it. So communicate with it every single day. As much as possible. Always send it out to do stuff and even talk to it about random stuff sometimes. It likes interaction and actually grows from it. Even if it fails to accomplish a certain task, it learned from trying and will more likely accomplish it the next time.

    How to teach them

    You can teach servitors to do a lot of things. This, I leave mostly to your creativity. But I’ll give you the basics.

    The basic way of teaching your servitor things is to research different concepts or teaching it how to do something in your mind. If you want to teach it how to make you more attractive to women for example, you can visualize what it would be like to have women very attracted to you and tell her to research this. You can even show it videos of attractive men and women glossing all over them or being seduced by them.

    Just the other day I taught my servitor how to convert rage into positive energy. I know someone who is always going into uncontrollable fits of rage so I wanted to teach my servitorhow to fix that. So I taught it that it has to take the energy or rage and or anger, filter it depattern and it remove any negative parts that cant be cleaned and add a pattern of happiness to it, (I first showed her how a happy pattern is. I did so by showing her how it is to feel happy. You can also show her a video of people being happy as well.)

    There are some books that teach you how to grow spiritually or grow your psychic abilities. You can also read through them and find abilities you want the servitor to be able to teach you. You look through the methods in the books and teach the servitor how to do it through the communication method of verbal, feeling and visualization. Also tell it to research the method in itself.

    There are many, many different books you can find on your own but a few that come to mind are “Initiation Into Hermetics,” by Franz Bardon (all of his books are gold), “New Energy Ways” by Robert Bruce, “Awakening The Third Eye” by Samuel Sagan (in this book, there are physical exercises that result in certain type of stimulation on the third eye. Just tellservitor to replicate that stimulation), “Psychic Seduction,” by Joseph Plazo and so on. These can all be found for free if you google them with “pdf” in the search bar.


    Cool thing with the servitor is that they came preset with a number of abilities already. They can already do A LOT with these abilities. Yet again, I’m leaving most of this to your creativity but I am going to just list some ways you can use the abilities that it already has.

    Can move energy, can maintain, stimulate and see about your chakras and energy system, charge it up.
    – As you masturbate, you can tell your servitor to direct the energy to one of your chakras so you can have an energy orgasm.

    – Can also tell it to go to a certain place of energy and tell it to draw energy from there and give it to you. For example, draw energy from the ley lines of the earth and give it to you.

    – Charge your 7 chakras as once. Grow them as well. You can tell it to do this every day for 30 minutes or an hour to accelerate your spiritual growth. Before doing certain things, you can charge certain chakras for better results. For example, before sex, charge your root and sacral chakra.

    – Change energy patterns (the way that I described in the other segment)

    Clear other people’s energy and even clear houses.
    – This is pretty straightforward. This servitor can also affect other people. So it can clear you and others as well. If you find someone is very negative or imbalanced, you can tell your servitor to clear and balance their energy. A cool way to use this is that if you are talking to someone who seems like they are down or just out of it, you can tell your servitor to clear and balance their energy and it will improve the interaction and their day in general.

    – In the future, you can even start a business clearing people’s energies, houses and aura and whatnot with this servitor. Just a tip!

    Help you ground yourself, as well as others. Release excess energy.
    – Too much energy is just as bad as too little energy. Servitors can help you ground yourself so you have a balanced amount of energy and feel that you are in the perfect state. This is very helpful for me for example cause I carry a number of fields on me and sometimes I have wayyyy too much energy flowing, to the point I feel like I’m on a liter of caffeine lol. Servitors will balance you. And they can balance anyone else. Imagine being at a bar and secretly helping someone out by clearing them, balancing them out because they had too much to drink. The possibilities are endless.

    Can shield persons or objects of your choosing, from intrusions, psychic and energy related
    – Thing with new servitors is that you have to tell them things all the time at first or they will forget. So, let them know to protect you throughout the whole day and they will do that. Make it a habit to tell them to protect you all day from negative energies/entities. You can also tell it to remove negative entities from a house or from a certain person.

    Can make an object into an energy storage device, and charge it up with energy, you choose your energy source and it will do its best.
    – You can use your servitor to charge any object you want with a specific type of energy. You can carry this item around and it will engorge your aura with this energy all day. For example, you can tell your servitor to charge an item with sexual energy and carry sexual energy with you all day. You might ask… couldn’t I just tell my servitor to charge me with this energy all day? You could.. but then you couldn’t use your servitor for other things.

    Engorge your aura with confidence, attraction, luck, ext… (they need to learn what confidence, attraction or luck is first)
    – Teach your servitor these concepts by showing them what confidence, luck or attraction feels like and is like in your mind. You can even show it videos and tell it that this is what confidence is. Once you do you can tell it to engorge your aura with that type of energy. You can even do this and charge an item with any type of energy. A cool use of this would be before you meet a new person, you can make yourself feel more confident and also likeable… There are so many more cool things you can do with your own experimentation.

    Can help you to amplify your own empathic and telepathic abilities
    – Servitors can serve as carriers of emotions or thoughts. You can send people your thoughts and emotions to other people a lot more efficiently. Say for example, sending love to another person or even certain thoughts. Well.. I really don’t need to say anything further so…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Just don’t do anything evil guys.

    There are lots of other abilities that you can discover on your own through your own experimentation

    Influence situation on your favor. Such as getting a job, a certain woman/man in a date, win court case, and so forth.
    – You show what you want to your servitor in your mind. Show how you want a situation to go. Feel as you would if you got what you want as well. Tell it to manifest this for you. Now… I highly suggest you train your servitor in this ability on a daily basis. Start with small things like flipping a coin and getting what you want most of the time. This is a great practice for your servitor because it is simple and practical. Ask it to make me convince my friend that you both should hang out in a certain place instead. Win a match in a video game. Simple things. The more you tell it to do them, the better it gets. Then move on to getting the job in an interview or to make a girl say yes to a date. You can ask it for the bigger things first as well for practice but I honestly think that starting with small things and moving up will help it become more efficient. But you can do it however you please.

    Draw or call things to you. Can be an abstract concept or person. Concept being things like love, luck, wealth. So for example, you can attract more wealth or luck into your life. You can attract a certain person to appear in your life as well.
    – I taught you guys before on how to teach it a concept. So you can also ask your servitor to attract these concepts to your life. So for example, you been feeling lonely and want a friend. You can teach it what its like to have a friend through showing it in your mind and showing videos. Then it will try to attract a friend to your life. You want more wealth… you can show what it is to be wealthy and tell it to attract more wealth into your life. (Wealth is having things. That is why money is sort of complicated to attract in magick because money allows you to have things but money is not having things in itself. But you can use this to grow a business by attracting more customers or money making opportunities for example. )

    I also suggest you guys take it slow with this one as well. Start slow and then build up to bigger things. Another note is.. to remind it to do it every day. Often, it won’t be able to manifest what you want in just one day.. especially if you are just home all the time. So its good to remind it. Even if you give it a task to do.. tell it to move on to the next task right after that one. So that answers another question some of you had. They can’t do multiple things at the same time but you can give it different tasks to do and it will do them one after another. Just specify that to them

    Super charge your energy. It will stimulate adrenal production, hormones and engorge you with energy. Would be like doing an intense pre-workout.
    – If you use this before a work out, sports sex, any physical activity… you will be ready to take on the world. Nothing more needs to be said. Try this before any physical activity and you will feel like superman.

    So that is all to my guide for now. This is meant to serve as a foundation of understanding as to how to communicate with your servitor, what types of things it can do with its abilities and so forth. But… there is so much more you can learn through using your own imagination and experimentation! The abilities listed are versatile and have many more hidden applications. And there are so many more abilities you can teach it. (Secret… they can learn from sapienmed fields too…)

    PS: Read our new article on psychic development 101 in enlightenedstates.com. The audio ‘animal empathy’ from our dreamseeds youtube channel will create the neural connections necessary in your brain to be able to understand servitors and communicate with them more easily).

    • Jobzzet says:

      Thank you very much for servitor guide that you’re make Dra.
      I learn many things form your post.
      I guess it’s time to train my servitor!
      But I can’t find the base servitor again in the shop. Is it not being sold anymore?

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