Plant Growth Experiment Results

About a week ago, we released the audio ‘Plant Growth & Enhancement‘ on Youtube for plants and also as a means to test and provide a growing body of evidence for the work done. It has already boasted tremendous results from users. The audio is embedded with morphic fields to promote robust growth and strengthening or even recovery from damage. The fields produce these compounds in plants to create these effects: Kinetin, Zeatin, 6-Benzylaminopurine, Diphenylurea and Thidiazuron. These compounds all stimulate plant growth.

Kinetin is a cytokinin compound that stimulates pant growth.

Zeatin promotes growth of lateral buds and when sprayed on meristems stimulates cell division to produce bushier plants.

6-benzylaminopurine elicits plant growth and development responses, setting blossoms and stimulating fruit richness by stimulating cell division.

Diphenylurea is a type of plant hormone that induces flower development

Thidiazuron is a plant growth regulator.

Combined, the production of these compounds can induce growth on all plants. To top it off, the audio also has fields of unconditional love and plant life force to reinforce growth and health on a metaphysical level as well.

Now, plants should obviously not be affected by the placebo effect. The audio either affects them or does not. We can understand why some people would attribute the results that many people get from our videos as placebo effect or how most people come to the channel thinking these audios are subliminals or plain frequencies.

This is not the case. People sometimes approach things within their own frame of thinking before they experience a paradigm shift of such things being possible. This is psychic work and is something most people haven’t been exposed to and is met with extreme skepticism. Yet all of our videos have been made psychically and have produced measurable results for countless people over the years.

This article will continually be updated so if you’d like to contribute, play this audio around your plants on a daily basis and take pictures while marking the day each picture was taken. With this kind of evidence, we can be taken more serious by the scientific community and get some very interesting research done together. On that note, we have also contacted a lot of people for help with research even within this spectrum of work. We have had no replies or interest. But if we keep providing evidence then at some point someone will take notice.

PS: If you decide to join the experiment, please time stamp your pictures and take pictures at the same angles. 


















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