Energy Sensitivity: The Foundation Of Psychic Abilities

Every Moment Is An Interaction Of Energy

Everything is energy and this is apparent in every instance of our lives. Every moment is an interaction of energy… even this one. You reading this article that is projected on a computer screen that is powered by electrical energy and your brain processing all of this information is an energetic process. Consuming food and even getting rid of waste, is an energetic process. Energy interactions such  as these make and shape the world as we know it and being more aware of them can allow us to be in better control of our health, social status and state of mind. But most energies fly under our radar and aren’t easily perceived by the conscious mind and that is what we will explore in this article.

The world around us is full of energy. Every single day, the sun shines down on us with immeasurable energy; which helps trees grow so that they give off energy as part of their normal growth process. Let’s continue this thought down to how the sun heats up the soil and creates different energies due to the chemical interactions of heat and soil. These are the things an energy sensitive person can sense around the natural world. The human body is not meant to be a closed off system and should naturally be able to perceive these daily interactions… Most of us have lost this sense of perception the more we’ve separated from nature and so much to the extent, we don’t even pick up on energies from the daily human interactions that affect us on a very deep level.

Communication has a major impact on our beingness daily. When you communicate with people, you are giving them  energy and they are giving you theirs. Communication causes your mind and body to interpret what people are expressing and as a result, make you feel what they are expressing. So if someone is sad and  starts telling you about how bad their day is, they are essentially giving you some of their sadness. Humans are also naturally empathetic so we tend to feel what others are feeling without any words being said. Their body language can say it all as body language communicates on a more subconscious level than words do. Being around other people in itself is an interaction of energy as the presence of another person naturally tends to invoke a reaction within us.

Charismatic people for example affect people very intensely because they are very energetic people. When they speak, they carry a lot of emotion which causes a strong reaction in others. For example, most successful comedians are very charismatic and can cause a crowd to roar in laughter because of how they deliver their jokes. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the same goes for negative people that drag the people around them down with their complaining. What is interesting is that people don’t even have to interact with us for their energy to get passed on to us. Someone’s presence alone can have a strong effect on the people around them.

Every living thing is always radiating energy that becomes part of the environment it is in. If we feel negative, that negative energy is becoming a part of the environment’s overall vibe. We have all entered into places that had a very dense positive or negative vibe that could be felt immediately. It could be because there was a heated argument that just occurred there or a perhaps a party with many elated people. It can even just be one person who is carrying a lot of negative energy and left an impression of him or herself there.

It might be difficult to conceptualize to some people but this is mostly because people see themselves as separate from the environment. In essence, we are a part of the environment in the same way soil is part of a tree. We did not grow into this world, we grew out of it. We cannot see this because we assume connection has to be something physical but in the same way the invisible force of gravity has its pull on everything, so is there an invisible force of energy that binds everything together. All energy is interconnected and this is something that is clear as day to those who are energy sensitive.

Energy Sensitivity Is A Psychic Sense

To be energy sensitive means to be aware of the subtle energy interactions happening around you. We are all sensitive to fire burning but can you sense how the fire started? It is possible as the impression of how the fire started is still a part of the environment and can be felt. We are all sensitive to the words of our language but can we understand when someone speaks another language? Maybe not precisely but the pure intention behind what the person is saying is an energy that can be understood by the mind. We are sensitive to the taste of spicy food but can we taste something without ever actually eating it? Yes, as the impression of something already exists and can be tapped into. To be energy sensitive is to uncover another layer of reality that will allow you see and experience more of the world.

We have all already had many moments in our lives where we were energy sensitive without getting tangible impressions. We have all had moments where we felt something was off and ended up avoiding an event or situation that turned out nasty. Our mothers have freaked us out when we were kids when they would always know something was up.  In those instances, our mothers picked up  on impressions of negative energy surrounding their children whom they are very deeply connected to. Most would call this psychic intuition and essentially, it is the same thing.

The subconscious mind is picking up on everything happening around us but only makes the conscious mind aware of the things that align most with our current conditioning. On some rare occasions, psychic impressions reach the conscious mind but we ignore these ‘gut feelings’ or ‘weird sensations’ that are telling or showing us something. We ignore because we can’t consciously interpret these feelings nor do we trust these sensations to be indicating something tangible.  Energy sensitive people will always get these psychic impressions but most will only be able to interpret the basics (negative energy, positive energy, ext..) and not pick up on more complex things (tastes of food, entities, concepts,ext..).

Our goal is to eventually be able to teach energy sensitive people to be able to hone their abilities and do more with them but for now, we will start with the basics. The majority of people are not sensitive to energy and to build a sensitivity to energy, we will help make them more energy sensitive. If you are already energy sensitive, this method will also improve your abilities over time.

Present Moment Meditation 

To become energy sensitive, you must begin to train your mind to become more aware of all that is happening around you. Over time, you will begin to pick up on the subtle energies around you as well and hone the ability to attune to energies at will.


Relax and ease your body. Begin to meditate by listening to the sound of the breath. Follow your breath by focusing on your breath. Then feel your toes, legs, stomach, chest, arms, fingers, neck and then head. Then feel the environment around you. Smell it, hear it, feel it. If you hear something clicking somewhere, focus on that for a moment. A car driving outside, listen to that as well. Completely attune to your environment with all of your senses (except that of sight. You should do this exercise with your eyes closed for now. As you get better, you can do it with your eyes open).

As your mind is still and fully enveloped in the present moment, continue to objectively observe your inner self and environment at once. Pay attention to the movements in the body. The movements in the air. Don’t look for them though. Just stay present and you will naturally notice them but don’t try to interpret them. Your mind will eventually naturally interpret these subtle movements the more you practice. These subtle movements are subtle energies.

If you commit to this practice with the Alpha Brainwave Audio or the Theta Brainwave Audio, you will have an easier time going into a deep brainwave state and focusing on the present moment. If you also listen to our Chakra Growth Audios on a daily basis, doing this practice afterwards will have quite tangible results as the audios themselves make you more energetically sensitive over time. In fact, doing this practice while listening to any Sapienmed audio or meditating with any of our fields (in items, shirts, ext…) will help you tap more easily into a subtle energy. After focusing on everything around you, you can then begin to focus on the item and you should feel the energy emanating from the item.

Conclusion & Exciting News

Becoming energy sensitive is the first step to becoming more psychic. Being able to perceive energy will be like uncovering a whole new world for the first time. A higher level of understanding begins to form as you see things for what they are and understand the interconnection of all things. Such perception will help you grow as a person and be able to do more and become more. Examples being:

  • Feel when people are thinking or talking about you
  • Communicate with entities
  • Communicate with animals
  • Engorge yourself with energy from the sun, trees or even the environment
  • Heal yourself and others
  • Clear, charge and activate your chakras at will
  • Experience sensations you have never felt before
  • Send love and positivity to the world
  • Much more…

That all being said, me and Dream are highly aware that being energy sensitive has a big downside and that is… that you are sensitive to negative things as well. Many people who are energy sensitive do not enjoy being so because this world is so dense and full of surprises that always keep their energies scrambled.

So what are the exciting news?

Me and Dream are currently creating a course that will teach you and automate the process of becoming energy sensitive. And through this process, there will come natural protection from negative energies that will deter the downsides of being energy sensitive. Now it wont be completely full-proof but in our future courses, we will also be teaching defense.

This course will include audios that will work your body and energy body to expand your awareness and allow you to sense energy. By the end of this course, you will also become healers. The first Sapien healers in the world and we will create a list in our website with the names of all who complete the course. Our other courses in the future will then work on expanding your abilities but this course will provide a powerful foundation. We strive to help build a better world and we believe a large group of healers can work wonders.

PS: Our store is now open again and we have some very beautiful but also rather powerful items coming soon. These will be in limited supply and will be similar to fields like Glory or Eternity (in terms of amount of subfields). 

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