It is simple in concept, yet effective.

It is meant to make you look  more supernaturally attractive.

As well as be infused with and radiate out Supernaturally attractive energy.

On top of that, whoever you wish, will perceive you Supernaturally Attractive, also made so their their free will of perception is not violated, people can still choose not to see you that way if they choose so, obviously. But more Supernaturally Attractive than before you will be.

Your character will match the levels of Supernatural Attraction you receive.

And some other stuff.
But let’s first see how it works out for you.

Enjoy it for free and Share Reviews.
You should feel your face changing within few listens.
(or whatever area it finds it most useful to work on to make you more attractive)

Music composed by AIVA – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist (https://www.aiva.ai)



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