Psychokinesis is the ability to influence a physical process using your mind. In
general this is not movie style “telekinesis” though from time to time the effects
will overlap. For instance it is often possible to cause large complex structures to
suddenly stop functioning with very little work, or even catch fire. This isn’t a
flaming fire ball in the air, but the effect can be dramatic. (And costly, do be
careful around your computer while working with these techniques!)

What can you do with Psychokinesis?

Pretty much everything!

You can influence and control the weather, bend metal and glass objects, create
healing in yourself or others, cause objects to move, cause objects to burn or
catch on fire, teleport objects from point a to point b and so much, much more.

All of these kinds of actions require the same basic steps to preform well and
they all require practice if you want to become good at them. The better you
become at each step of the process the stronger your results will be. This simply
a part of successful living, you have to put energy into any thing you want to be
good at, regardless of natural talent.

There are also a few rules that, if you use them in your practices, will increase
the effectiveness of your efforts by several times. (Or more!)

The Basics: 13556629645_f40fa30e69_z

Rules: (For best effect follow these rules, but try other things too! What works
for you and what you discover may be great and helpful to many others later, so
don’t let these “rules” stifle you!)

It is easier to influence highly energetic processes than it is to influence
low energy ones.

It is easier to influence the weather, which moves, has random energy
fluctuations and changes readily, than to alter a rock, which has a low level of
energy movement mainly on the quantum level.

You must be in resonance with the object you are influencing.

If you lack good, specific resonance, you will tend to influence everything in a
given area (which will vary in distance from you based on what you are doing and
how strong a field you are generating.) that is similar to the object you are trying
to influence or that is connected to you OR the object in some way.

Focus and be sensitive to feedback from the specific object to increase targeting

The deeper the mental state, the stronger the effect and the faster the
field of information changes in and around the object of focus.

At very, very deep levels it becomes harder to maintain focus in a way our
conscious minds can relate too, but the power levels increase enough to make it
worth doing anyway.

This can create an odd situation, where you consciously are not aware of what
you are doing, but still get very high level effects. It can be disconcerting at first,
but is worth learning how to do.

Focus on the goal, not the process:

Focus on a single end point. Trying to concentrate on the process will tend to
scatter your efforts in too many directions, even though we have all been taught
that focusing on one step after another is the way to do things in life. (This is
normally good advice, this area of endeavor is simply an exception to that rule.)

Psychokinesis How-to:

To start, you need to know exactly what you are trying to do, what the object or
process you are trying to effect is and have the time set aside to do the work
needed. You will want to make a guess at how much energy a process has as
well, as this will tell you the approximate amount of time and effort you will need to
put into reaching your decided end point.

Start by clearing your mind of all concerns, just as if you were going to try and
gain information about the object you are focusing on. (Because you are! You
want psychic feed back from what you are trying to influence. It will allow you to
make subtle changes on the fly, increase the field strength when needed and
generally allow you to do everything many times faster than without such feed

Focus your attention on the object or process and allow yourself to drift into a
much deeper mental state, by not thinking of anything else. If something intrudes
into your thoughts, let it go and move back to the concept of the object you are
focusing on.

When the concept feels “connected” to you, alter your focus to the end point
goal, while keeping your mind trained on the object of your attention.

This should have you in a decent level of resonance with the object and getting
feedback from it on a deep level.

This is the time for careful concentration and focus. What you are going to do is
try to mimic the object mentally (you are already doing it, that is what resonance
is all about in this case!) but with the changes you desire in place. Try to “feel”
the goal as if it has already happened to the point of focus.

You need to hold this field long enough for the effects to either make the
changes in a single session or for residual field strength to last until the next
session ( An hours work will allow a 50% or so retention 24 hours later.), so that
you can continually make small changes until the full results have been acheived.
(The more energy a process has, the easier it is to influence, which means that
high energy processes can be influenced in “real time” if you focus well enough
and stay resonate with it.)

At a certain point, you will “feel” that the work has been accomplished. This is
due to feedback from the field you are interacting with.

Once you have that feeling you can relax and let the field you have created (the
new goal, change or end point for the object or process) finish the work without
spending a lot more time concentrating on it.

*This initial procedure does not address the time at which you want something to
take place. That is more complex and will have to be addressed later.

What you desire for outcome matters

In most cases you will find that psychokinesis is most valuable in influencing
processes and aiding physical actives in which you desire a specific outcome.
(And have added energy too already.) Rather than moving something with your
mind, which is almost always more easily accomplished by simply using your
hands. Of course great distance, hostile environment and other factors can make
the time and effort of using psychokinesis more practical than a hands on
approach! Trying to shift the path of a killer asteroid for instance is much easier
to accomplish from the surface using psychokinesis than trying to reach up and
push it out of the way.

Humans seem naturally adept at healing for instance, which works with a human
body and in working with the weather, both medium energy level processes.

High energy processes can gain shocking results, such as trying to warp very hot
objects or bend light. (Most people can do this, but light has a pesky problem in
that it keeps moving, so you are always trying to bend new light along its path!)
Electronics are also fairly high energy processes which are easy to effect.

Teleporting objects requires a similar set up, but requires a few specific things
that will also be covered in another work. At least for high level effects. Don’t let
this stop you from trying using the techniques above!

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