How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the part of you that has access to all of your subconscious
information and processing power, while simultaneously having full knowledge of
your conscious thoughts, needs and desires. Very often this portion of your own
being will know what path is the best one for you to take at any given time and be
able to lead you through your life in a manner that will help you to grow into the
being you are supposed to be.

Yes, it is still you, and will still be working off of the same base information you
have held within you, but it will generally be the more psychic, wiser and most
stable portion of your being.

The trick to communicating with your higher self is two fold.

  1.  You need to understand that this part of yourself is still you and don’t try to
    distance yourself from it. A lot of people expect it to be some large, unknown
    thing, but it is very known to you and you have probably had input from it on a
    regular basis, without being consciously aware that this was the case, hundreds of
    times per year. Why don’t you recognize this when it happens? Simple, your higher self will sound like your own internal voice, because in part, it is!
  2. When you ask your higher self for advice and it gives you advice that
    is different than what you want to do at the moment, in general, follow the advice
    of your higher self. You control your actions, but that portion of you has all the
    available information. (And possibly a lot more than we are supposed to
    consciously know about. This has been hinted at throughout the ages by many
    sages and wise men and even in my own communications with my own higher self, so it seems very likely that this greater than human knowledge, is the state of

The data given by your higher self will NOT be perfect. What it seems designed to
do is to drive you towards the best life and pattern for you to be in at any given

As this is normally the best you can do in any given situation, so it is well worth
listening too!

higher self

Does your higher self ever foretell the future?

If you ask it to, it will. But the answer you get will be what ever you need to hear in
order to keep you going, change course to a better path or grow as a person. (So
in general, don’t try using it to pick lotto numbers!)

Will I be given secret information about how the world/universe/life works?

Yes! By definition though, you already know all of what you are told by your
higher self though, so even if you are not consciously aware of it, you already
know these secrets.

Here then, is the how-to portion:

(This is safe to do at any time and while practice helps, you should be able to do
this almost instantly.)

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thoughts and when
comfortable, ask your higher self to become noticeably present.

How you ask is up to you, but you can use words for this, or pictures or
concepts… Whatever seems best to you.

It may take a moment, and you may even find yourself thinking things like
“one moment” or “be right there”. If so, stay relaxed and wait a few
seconds for your higher self to organize itself properly to communicate
with you.

I don’t know why this happens, as it should know you are “coming” to visit with that
part of yourself, being literally you and cognizant of your intentions at any given

You should then find yourself thinking something that affirms that your
higher mind is present for communications with your on the conscious

If for some reason you don’t “hear” this, it is most likely due to holding on to the
idea of separation between you and your higher self. Relax for a bit and start
asking questions and the answers will start to roll in.

Once you ask a question, you will hear yourself answer it. Pay attention to
these answers! They may differ greatly from what you would normally tell
yourself to do.

With practice you will begin to be able to pick out the more unified mental flavor of
your higher self and find that when acting from that plane of being you make far
better decisions that tend to help more people and harm virtually none.

The more interesting the questions, the more interesting the responses will be in
general! (Because just as in any conversation, what you put into it is, in part, what
you get out.)

Have fun with this and use it as a tool to aid in your growth towards whatever it is
you choose to become.

Precognition, Postcognition,Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing.(Are all the same thing!)

All psychic data gathering uses the same psychic mechanism in the brain.
Basically this “sense” is caused by disruptions in the brain caused by quantum
anomalies. When a person goes into resonance with another person, object or
even idea, a link is formed that continues to grow stronger as long as the
resonance is held. This creates linked state Quantum Tunneling to take place
between the two objects, the person gathering data and what they are focusing

Time itself is not much of a factor on the quantum level, so if you focus your mind
on a person, place thing or state of being and that “object” is in the future or the
past, you will still be able to form a picture of it mentally, due to the disruption of
the activity in your mind.

This means that all of those things in the title, and more, are just different names
for the same basic process!

What’s more, it means that everyone has the same basic equipment in regards to
psychic functioning, it is not a special Gift that only some people are born with, but
is instead part of how our minds function naturally. In fact, this even goes for
animals. (Which may help explain all those psychic dog and cat stories we hear in
the news, and why my dogs come running every time I am about to try and eat a
cracker. Of course that could be their sense of smell too.)

Precognition, Postcognition, Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing. (Are all the same thing!)

So, what makes one person accurately psychic and leaves another missing the
mark over and over again, if they both have the same basic psychic platform to
work with? Well, a good psychic will have a few traits that tend to be different than
the norm.

Extreme Introspection: The more a given person is prone to notice their own
thoughts and mental processes, the more likely they will notice disruptions and
out of character impulses. People that live their lives focused outside of
themselves make great entertainers, but tend to not be as good with pure data
collection on the psychic level.

Willingness to be wrong: The feeling that “I could be wrong here” is a very
common one when collecting psychic data. This is strongest when what you are
perceiving mentally goes against your innate sense of what should be happening.
In most cases if something seems to be that different from what you believe it
should be, going with the perceived data is the correct choice.

Letting go of the internal storyteller: As humans, our conscious minds roll is
to make sense of our world and reality, and place it in an understandable (which
means survivable) framework. With psychic function though, it tends to degrade
the information when you try to build the pattern consciously, spinning the
information into a story, rather than letting it form on it’s own and simply reporting
the data.

The better you get at NOT “putting the pieces” together, the higher the quality
your collected data will be.

In general it is hard to do these things without letting go of your own ego. (Not
sense of self, but pride, vanity and greed. That kind of ego.) If you learn to do
away with that portion of yourself, you will find you ability to gather psychic data
grows rapidly.

2 thoughts on “How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

  1. Dalia Tapia says:

    I am constantly attacked energetically. I repeat to myself “Evil returns to the sender” Is that bad? I think… if people want to give me negative gifts… I say thank but… I don’t want it keep it. I just want those people to stop. An angel told me once that no one can hurt me… At the beginning I would feel the pins, evil eye, etc… Now I’m to the point that I am just aware but I just say, “Evil returns to the sender” and now I don’t even feel the pins, evil eye, etc… I would love to help out humanity… specially the future the children…

    • Dreamweaver says:

      Saying that isn’t bad. That energy was sent to you maliciously and all you are doing is protecting yourself.

      I would recommend listening to energy clearing from our Dreamseeds channel and then the exorcism audio for several days in the week.

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