The Veils Between Worlds: Mind, Language & Time

To understand why the Veil between worlds is thinning you first have to have an idea about what exactly this veil is, how it functions and what impact this thinning might have on day to day life.

First, the famous (and infamous) Veil Between Worlds, the separation between the lands of the dead, the pits of hell and the Other realms and our own world is not
exactly a physical wall that keeps thing separated. It is a mental construct built into (almost) all humans that keeps our subconscious awareness at a distance from
what we consciously believe. By keeping ourselves isolated from knowledge of the other worlds, we have some small bit of protection from them built into ourselves.

A few hundred thousand years ago, some say as few as five thousand years ago, our minds worked differently. The connections between our conscious and subconscious minds were both stronger and more distant from each other at the
same time. We heard our higher selves not as a vague suggestion, as we often do now) but as the literal “Voice of God” leading us to find reality as if something
outside of ourselves. We now accept this voice as our own inner self, and it’s purpose (though most don’t understand it this way, science does…) is to tell us a story about what reality is. This is the first and strongest of the Veils.

What this means is simply that the first Veil between worlds is the one in our mind, all of our minds, that “makes up” the story of reality.

We do NOT live in reality, not consciously, but rather live in a personally generated story, one that is most often very, very different from what is actually going on around us!

This is, as was stated above, the first Veil.

The Second Veil is Language.

We have all learned, most have at least, to think in words.

This is normal to us and indeed, it’s a virtual “super power” in a world of animals that don’t do so! I can use words to communicate complex ideas at a distance (like this article for instance) that no other animal on the planet can easily do!

But before we had words, we thought in concepts. Raw ideas. Our subconscious minds still do. If you can relearn to do so now, you can reopen direct communications with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind deals with reality directly, without the buffering of the “Story Teller” our conscious perception of the world. Language keeps the distance between these two solid.

The second Veil is language. The language of the mind. Right now this is the most stable of the divisions.

The Third Veil is Our Perception of Time.

We all “know” on some level two things
about time itself. The first is that we “feel” it passing and can measure it using clocks and events outside ourselves.

The second is that we sometimes “feel” as if it goes faster, slower, jumps or stands still.

We have a natural perception of time and a learned perception of time…

And it turns out that both are inherently flawed!

Time itself is different than we expect or accept. It is all at once, with everything happening now. We can’t deal with this, so we part it out, seeing things as happening in a linear fashion. (Which, really, thank goodness! It can be hard
enough to get through a single day much less all of them at once!)

The third Veil is our perception of time. Not time itself, but how we see it individually and as a group.

So of these three Veils, these artificial divisions, two of them are at great risk of breaking down, allowing not just “glimpses” into other, unseen, worlds, but a fairly
rapid decent into them. This is the break down of the conscious Storyteller and the perception of time. Language is safe for now, possibly as strong as it has ever been
in all of human history, unfortunately though, this may only add to the coming problems as the other Veils weaken and eventually fall as will be discussed below.

Why are the Veils falling?

The conscious Storyteller (our day to day mind, which presents us with what we believe to be reality!) and the subconscious mind have worked together well for a
long, long time, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of years.

The subconscious mind sees reality unfiltered, sees the ghosts, the Goblins, the demons and the minds of others, knows what is about to happen and what has happened,
and holds most of this in, calling out suggestions to the conscious mind at times, but mainly keeping us from having to deal with every little strange thing that happens.

Here is an example you can use to test this effect in yourself:

Go to the first link, watch the video and participate as you are asked.


When done, go directly to the second link:


*Note, this is a real psychological experiment. This isn’t a trick or visual illusion!

The experiment above shows us how well most people’s internal Storyteller filters reality for us. Image what else most people miss most of the time? (And don’t
imagine that just because you are one of the people that saw the extra bit on the video that everything else will be as clear to you! It doesn’t work that way.)

This is how we all live, most of the time, protected consciously from reality, while subconsciously being immersed in it.

But there is a loophole that modern man has begun to exploit more and more, without understanding that we are doing so, which is slowly blurring the line between
the Storyteller and the “True Observer” of reality.


More to the point, advanced visual fiction. When we see and hear immersive experiences for a long enough time period (about 40 minutes for most people) our subconscious mind begins to accept these images as being part of reality. We begin to respond to what we are seeing as if it is really happening in front of us, on the deeper levels of mind. Even though we consciously “Know” that this is not
happening, we subconsciously “KNOW” that it is.

Generally speaking, this is not that big of a deal. The subconscious mind is designed to react to reality while the conscious mind filters it. The danger here is not that we react and respond to fiction as if it is real, but that we are using vast amounts of fiction to train our conscious minds to see strange and unusual things!

We are training our protective Storyteller to allow in strange bits of data that historically would be ignored and perceived only by the subconscious parts of our being. A small bit of this is probably harmless, of course, but we live in a world
where many people are spending hours at a time immersed in strange fictional realities that require the conscious mind to be limber and float from one hard to believe scenario to another!

Simply watching a television program does this. It doesn’t take 3-d or virtual reality to allow this to take place. Movies, video games, television and even vividly imagined scenes can all have this “loophole” training effect.

The danger isn’t just within each of us though. If that was the case, we could just protect ourselves from unpleasant realities by individually reducing our exposure to
such stimulus, right? What happens though is that as more and more people become aware of a strange thing in our midst, the more likely we all are to be able to see it.

When enough people see what is really there, even the most hard headed individual will see it too!

And at that point, the Veil will have fallen and we won’t be able to put it back.

At the same time we are breaking down the the divisions carefully crafted by the Storyteller, we are using the same media to skew our perceptions of time.

In fiction, time is a far more fluid thing. We see events both before and after they have happened in the story. We often see things in slow motion, as if time itself has
slowed, or, more rarely, zooming by us at a faster than normal pace. We see people one week, and the next time we see them, a week later, we are given information that says it is a day later, or a year!

All of this causes us to lose track of our innate and trained sense of time, just a little bit, wearing away at our natural pacing. It makes it a little easier to accept slips
and jumps in time, rather than ignoring them or pretending that they didn’t happen as we normally do.

And if the Veils break down, so what? How will this effect our regular lives?

These divisions, The Veils, keep us more or less inside the boundaries of consensual reality. Without them we will all begin to see the world as it really is. All the ghosts, the demons, the mythical creatures and elves around us will be able to see us and interact with us as well.

Our ability to ignore such beings has, it seems, been our main protection from them over the millennium. As this protection weakens, we will have to learn to deal
with such things directly again, and live in fear of them if we cannot do so well enough.

As an example, let’s look at driving.

You are driving along at night, when a hooded figure steps out in front of your car, an old man it seems. Do you slam on the breaks, possibly causing the people
behind you to crash into you or each other, or do you keep driving, taking the chance of hitting an elderly person that is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?

If it is a ghost, you would have simply passed through it. In fact, you do this all the time without knowing it already! But seeing it clearly will alter your ability to function in the world.

This is just one example.

Imagine for instance, trying to explain to your child that there is not monster in the closet, opening the closet to show them, only to find a creature of vile darkness sitting there waiting for you to leave?

There is also a chance that our focused attention will add to the power of many of these beings. That when we cannot help but notice them, they will gain real, physical level abilities within this realm. The ability to harm people, to move and break objects, to build structures and so on.

This is not to say that everything will be horrible for all people all the time if the Veils fall, but it will be very confusing at first, and probably change the nature of how
we function in the world greatly.

So, why is this being brought up now?

Because the Thinning is already beginning to happen. We are already seeing more and more of the world around us. Not all people equally, but enough that things once kept out of our world are making their way through.

It means that during this, and future Halloween seasons, we all need to become aware that things that we learned to view as harmless jokes as children, the Goblins
and Ghouls and Vampires and Demons, may, in some fashion, be out walking the world now.

It is time and past time to start taking things seriously and to learn to protect yourself and those you love from things that go bump in the night. Because as the Veils thin, you may find yourself suddenly having to face your worst nightmares one day. Possibly one day soon.

DISCLAIMER: This was written over 10 years ago by Dale. Although the information pertaining the veils is accurate, we don’t believe the veils are thinning to the extent that you would all have to worry. In fact, we don’t feel that this is happening any time soon. 

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