This Time, You Will Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions..

Why do the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail to be achieved? Every single year, people make goals for themselves in the beginning to start the year fresh. But how many of your New Year’s resolutions went down the drain over the years? Hell, I’ve lost count myself. But in this article, I will share a powerful method that will ensure you accomplish all of your New Year’s resolutions. Now, who’s with me to make 2017 the year that you change your life!

The beginning of the New Year always feels like a great excuse to reset and start pushing towards making changes in your life. We set goals like losing weight, gain job promotion, stop smoking, lower temper and so on. But we tend to drift away from accomplishing our goals as the days of the New Year pass by because we start repeating the same habits that perpetuate the qualities we are trying to change. The reason for this is…

Change will always be met with resistance. Your subconscious mind protects you from constantly changing by keeping your identity intact. If you believe you are fat or can’t find love, then your subconscious mind will continue to repeat the habits that reinforce these beliefs. When you begin to try to change these beliefs, your mind will resist change and push you from moving forward. The first week or so of working out will feel dreadful and your mind will barrage you with thoughts like “its not worth it,” “you will never lose weight.” Its trying to discourage you! This is not the only thing that will discourage you from accomplishing your New Year’s resolution…

You expect to change. A New Year’s resolution is filled with the expectation that this New Year will be the year you change yourself for the better and live a more fulfilling life. But expectations stem from the fear that you will not get what you want. You are afraid that you will be in the same position you were in last year. The energy of fear in your New Year’s goal will push you back rather than carry you forward. But there is a way to eliminate the dread of beginning a new goal in the New Year and also the feeling of fear that comes with it. There is a way to practically ensure you will accomplish it.  



Yes. I know a number of you are scoffing at the idea and may be thinking “what’s the point of a New Year’s resolution if I start now!” Well…

If you start paving the way for change now, you will already be on the road to success by the time 2017 comes. You will have fought through the dread that comes with trying to change and built up enough momentum to carry you along the New Year. Change can be a long and tedious process so why wait when you have the time to begin now?

You are much more likely to accomplish your new year’s resolutions if you start them now. 2 weeks in of working on your goals and you will already have begun to form new positive life changing habits. Although you may still encounter some subconscious resistance, you will have already have pushed through the dread that comes with starting to change. Not only that, there is no expectation or pressure to accomplish it now because it is still 2016. In this state of being, you will more easily begin to stick to your goals and pave the way for change onto 2016.

Some of you may think “but the holidays are here and it will make it harder to achieve my goals”. Your goals may be to lose weight or stop drinking and the holidays happen to be a time full of such temptations. Well, not every single day in the next two weeks is a holiday so sure, you could enjoy yourself those few days. But the rest of those days, you can still exercise or stay away from alcohol. … But if you want to maximize your capacity to change…

I suggest you 100% stick to your goals starting now. If you are trying to lose weight and then avoid high calorie foods on Christmas, then you are winning against the strongest of temptations. You are proving to your mind, body and spirit that you can do this. At the time, it may feel unpleasant but right after, you will feel amazing and confident in your ability to change! Part of accomplishing goals is being able to avoid the temptations that will lead you back to your self destructive behaviors. There are some moments that are stronger tests than others and the holidays is filled with temptations that if avoided, make us much stronger.

But sticking to goals now or in the beginning of the year is easier said than done right? Well, I have developed a technique over the years that will help you accomplish all of your goals on a daily basis. Some of us have trouble sticking to our daily goals but this here technique will change that.

Goal Stacking

Your brain follows patterns. If you are consistent with a belief or an action, your mind will be consistent with the pattern as well. So if you always set goals and fail to do them, then you have created a consistent pattern with failing to do your goals and your mind is more likely to manifest failure whenever you set goals for yourself. But there is a way to reverse this and make your mind manifest success instead…  

There are things that you know without a doubt you will accomplish throughout the day. You know you will brush your teeth, go to work, wash dishes, watch some tv and so on. So what you will do is add them to your list of goals for the day. Being that you will undoubtedly accomplish these goals, you will be creating a consistent pattern with always completing your goals. So when you also include your new year’s resolution goals like exercise, you will be more likely to completely them as well.

You should also make a checklist of these goals on your smartphone or a notepad. Whenever you complete one, check the goal off. The more you do this, the more you build the correlation of you completing all your goals.

So, what you will do is mix those goals along with your real goals. Goals like exercise,

Example: I want to lose 30 pounds


  • Brush teeth
  • Eat cereal
  • Talk to best friend
  • Eat dinner
  • Eat a banana
  • Do cardio 30 minutes

Extra: If you are ever feeling too lazy to take action, listen to our stop procrastination frequency. It will boost your willpower and push you to work toward your goal. 



The New Year feels like a reset button. Its a new year and the word new can mean a new you. But don’t get it twisted, you are still the old you going into the new year and if you had trouble making changes before, new year will be no different. That is why you should start forming positive habits now. Start now and by the time 2017 comes, you will already be on the path to becoming the new you. You will have direction and the drive necessary to push forward. And if you stack your goals with simple ones you are guaranteed to do, then you will remain consistent with your goals every single day and eventually accomplish what you set out to do.




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  1. M says:

    I enjoyed reading this article, I really like your work Samuel, Happy new year to you & to all Sapien Medicine’s crew & loved ones

  2. David C says:

    Any chance of the Stop Procrastination frequency being released on mp3? Having to open it on YouTube makes it that much easier to procrastinate!

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