What Are Collagen’s Benefits & How to Produce More Instantly

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in our bodies that acts as the structure of various connective tissues. Collagen is the thing that gives skin its elasticity, helps prevent wrinkles, and gives can even help muscle and bone health.

Ensuring you have adequate levels of collagen in your system can mean you have skin that looks better, skin that is healthier, and overall a body that feels healthy. Especially as we age, collagen becomes more and more important to maintaining your body’s structures.


Benefits Of Collagen 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is often referred to as the ‘glue’ that holds the body together.  Collagen works by acting as the structure to many of the body’s connective tissues such as skin, cartilage, bones, and even muscle. Without enough collagen the body struggles to make those structures as strong, leading to degenerative conditions such as arthritis or wrinkles.

There are sixteen types of collagen but the main four types are :

Type I – Gives structure to tendons, connective tissue, skin, teeth, fibrous cartilage and bones

Type IICollagen made up of less dense fibers; found in elastic cartilage which soften the joints

Type III – This type of collagen is found in organs, arteries and muscles

Type IV – Collagen that filters out impurities, which is mostly found on skin

As we grow older and our cell’s telomere caps shorten, we begin to produce lower quality collagen. This results in the structure that holds our body together weakening and showing visible signs of degradation. Our bones begin to become more fragile as well as our skin which tends to become wrinkly. Age becomes very apparent the weaker our collagen gets with age and as people put often put it, your ‘body begins to fall apart.’

Ensuring you have enough collagen in your diet has a multitude of health benefits that can improve your day to day life.

Collagen has a youthifying effect in that it tends to reduce wrinkles and dry skin

Collagen gives bones structure and as we age, the structure deteriorates and reduces our bone mass. Adding more collagen to your diet can rebuild your bone structure and increase your bone mass.

Collagen also maintains the structure of the cartilage, which is the tissue that protects the joints. With age, your joints get weaker as your body produces less quality collagen. So with more collagen in your diet, you can maintain the strength of your joints and continue to engage in physical activity.

One to ten percent of your body’s muscle mass consists of collagen. Adding more collagen to your diet can provide an extra boost to your muscle mass.

Remember that even your heart can be though of as a muscle that contracts to pump blood around the body, collagen ensures that your heart is strong and can maintain its healthy structure for as long as possible. 


Where Can Dietary Collagen Be Found?

Collagen start out as  procollagen when amino-acids Glycine & Proline are combined by the help of Vitamin C. So naturally, if you consume foods that contain these nutrients, then your body will have the necessary components to produce Collagen.

Glycine – Gelatin, pork skin, poultry skin, legumes, meat, dairy products, spinach, asparagus. For more, find them in the food index

Proline – Organ meats like liver, pasture raised chicken, egg whites, mushrooms, and cabbage. poultry skin, legumes, meat, dairy products, spinach, asparagus. For more, find them in the food index

Vitamin C – Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, ext), strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts.  For more, find them in the food index

Copper –Sesame Seeds, organ meats, oysters, shitake mushrooms, kidney beans

Collagen occurs naturally in skin and bones of animals we consume. For example, when you eat soup that has been made by boiling meat including the bones, collagen is released from the bones into the soup. You can also just get bone broth which skips most of the process altogether and allows you to consume bone broth like a beverage. This has become one of the most popular and recommended ways of getting more collagen into your diet. Bone broth also has many other health benefits such as promoting weight loss, improving gut health and digestion, supporting immune system and many more.  

Chicken and fish also tend to contain ample amounts of collagen. But vegetarians need not worry….

Alternatively, many vegan foods contain the necessary components need to produce collagen. All it takes is to consume foods high in: Glycine such as spinach and asparagus – Proline such as mushrooms and cabbage – Vitamin C such as citrus fruits and broccoli – Copper such as sesame seeds and cashews.

Garlic, as well as being delicious, in fact contains high levels of sulfur. Sulfur can actually help your body’s collagen from breaking down. Any food high in sulfur will do this, but the delicious taste and other health benefits of garlic make it an easy way to help increase collagen.

An even easier way to add more collagen to your diet is through taking Collagen Supplements. If you prefer a vegetarian version that is powdered, then you can try these Collagen Peptide instead. Collagen supplements can also be taken to bolster the amount of collagen your body receives in addition to your normal diet.

Collagen can be increased naturally in many different ways. Simple changed to your diet or supplementation routine can see big differences in the amount of collagen your bodily processes can benefit from.

Sapienmed’s Collagen Boost

Morphic fields are informational energy that direct the body to behave in certain ways. Sapienmed’s Collagen Booster  audio contains fields programmed to cause your skin, bones/joints and cartilage to increase its natural collagen production, resulting in a younger looking and feeling you. Fibroblasts should be induced to produce both type I and II collagen targeted to the areas mentioned above. It should be permanent over time.

This is also a very simple way of boosting the collagen production in the body. This would go in perfect combination with a collagen based diet or Collagen Supplements as the body will be getting the necessary nutrients to produce collagen and the audio will direct the body to boost as much of it as possible. This is a powerful combination for people who are interested in getting the most out of the benefits that come with increasing one’s collagen production.


So, collagen is a protein that helps our bodies maintain their structures such as skin, hair, bones, and muscles. While age is the main contributing factor to collagen degradation, there are things that can damage collagen production such as smoking, getting too much sun or consuming too much sugar. Balancing this out and ensuring you have enough dietary collagen can mean keeping these body parts healthy, as well as fighting the natural process of aging.

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